Shut Up and Play

Live Improvisation... without the chatter

An Instrumental Guitarist at the crossroads of Blues, Jazz and Fusion


After taking some time off from the music business, Pete has returned to focus on his true love... playing guitar. With the help of new technology, Pete performs Blues, Jazz, Soul and Funk instrumentals using a high-quality backing track system which allows him to perform improvised live soloing. Pete allows his guitar to do the talking, so there's no onstage chatter, mindless banter or distractions. Just pure, searing guitar playing, perfect for allowing patrons to enjoy the music as well as their conversations.


Pete Lampron has been playing guitar and making music since he was in elementary school. As a guitarist/singer/songwriter in the band Forge, Pete penned numerous tunes for their original release, The Dash, which saw international as well as domestic sales. Pete eventually left Forge and after a hiatus, went on to form the rock/blues/Americana trio Azure Cross, performing in the New England area and penning a full length album, Nexus.

Pete has recorded at numerous studios in the NE area as well as cutting four tracks in Nashville for a compilation album on Wild Oats Records, working with veteran songwriter Walter Egan (writer of the hit 70s-era song Magnet and Steel) as well as some of the top session players in Nashville.

During his time in the band Forge, there was a running joke regarding too much talk on stage, something all three members of the trio felt very strongly about... hence the expression, "Shut up and play". Having learned the hard way, Pete has decided to simply let his guitar do the talking. 

- Dinner/Cocktail sets, perfect for functions, weddings and more.

- Club/Restaurant sets, all instrumental music allows for conversation and socializing.

REVIEWS Feedback from Pete's tenure with Azure Cross

“…(Pete) plays Blues Rock like few independent artists I've heard. ”

R.E.T.S - Must Have Music Blog

"(I Got You)... a straight-up blues rocker..."

Michael Witthaus - The Hippo Press

"…. understands the musicality of their performance. I had a blast

rockin' out to their set and will definitely have them back!"

Gabrielle Bucci - TheQ 99.7 FM-Underground Cafe

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